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Consulting Design Work

Experience seamless collaboration with specialists in bespoke stainless steel design solutions.

Let’s Talk

Design Partner Specialists

Through effective communication and a dedication to collaboration, PRO Stainless seamlessly integrate with client teams and third-party suppliers, ensuring a smooth and efficient process for every project.

With a keen focus on understanding your project and unique requirements, we foster close collaboration to develop intelligent and innovative solutions together.

Design and Engineering as a Service

Our expertise in design and engineering for the Pharma & Bio Pharma sector is now available to client design teams, design houses and project / construction management companies as a standalone service. 

Reducing Project Risk

Our design expertise  is proven to reduce project risks and costs. Our specialist design team engages with all stakeholders throughout the design process so that they deliver the project in a more efficient time frame, and at a lower cost. 

Trusted by the world's leading pharma companies

High-quality projects delivered quickly, at scale.

Lower Costs

Reduced Install Time

100% Accuracy

On Site Personnel

Reduced 30%

Rework Costs

Reduced 70%

Instillation Time

Reduced 15%

Design Changes

Risk is reduced 70%

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Why PRO Stainless?

Pharma Sector Specialists

We have the engineering and capability to deliver exceptional high-end stainless steel solutions, complying with all the latest standards and regulations.

Excel At Complex, Custom Projects

We have a track record of excelling at complex custom jobs. Our high level design, precise engineering and production capabilities enable us to take on challenging projects and succeed.

A Complete, Fully Managed Service

Capturing client requirements, planning, design, manufacturing, delivery and installation. PRO Stainless provides a complete, fully managed, collaborative service.

Meticulous Attention To Detail

Our approach is defined by precision, methodical planning, and meticulous attention to detail. From initial design to installation, we ensure exceptional quality in every aspect of our work.

Off-Site Manufacturing

Discover the advantages of off-site manufacturing at PRO Stainless: reduced risk, accelerated timelines, and scalable solutions—a trusted service for all your stainless steel needs.

Strong Collaboration

By communicating effectively and our willingness to collaborate, we can seamlessly integrate with client teams and third party suppliers on any given project.