Minimising the risk of airborne cross-contamination.

Keeping cleanrooms clean

PRO Stainless design, manufacture and install Garment Transfer Hatches for the transfer of products, garments and materials between cleanrooms and support areas whilst minimising the risk of airborne cross-contamination. It is imperative that the ingress of particulate contamination is controlled while maintaining the integrity of products and processes.

Client: Global Pharmaceutical Company

HQ: Dublin

Requirement: Garment Transfer Hatches


Their cleanroom contractor required custom sized Garment Pass-Through Hatches for a number of different areas in their production facility. The specific design of these Transfer Hatches required flush interiors, to allow for improved clean-down procedures, without any protruding or recessed areas that could potentially promote bacterial growth.


PRO Stainless designed Electronic Pass-Through Hatches from 316 grade stainless steel, with double glazed doors framed out with 316 grade stainless steel sheets. The units were designed to be easily operated and to minimise personnel traffic from room to room.


PRO Stainless manufactured the Transfer Hatches with EPDM e-type strip door seals, a call button and LED traffic light display. The hatches have electronic override alarms and the doors interlock with mag locks.
A magnetic striking plate is fitted to the inside of the stainless steel frame and three adjustable/removable single skinned shelves are mounted on studs screwed to the internal skin of the Transfer Hatch. Four studs are fixed at 100mm centres.



The Transfer Hatches are easy to operate with self-closing doors preventing delays for personnel during operation. The electromagnetic locking system is completely concealed inside the unit to protect against strong cleaning agents and the units are finished flush to both faces of the cleanroom partitions.

We found PRO Stainless to be very responsive, qualified and an extremely flexible team to work with.

Jo Matthews, Senior Architectural Technologist, M+W Group

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