PRO Stainless Designs and I-Form to advance stainless steel

PRO Stainless Designs and I-Form at Dublin City University embark on an ambitious 3-year Research and Design partnership to develop higher-performance stainless-steel finishes.

The annual global cost of metal corrosion is estimated to be $2.5 trillion*. The corrosion of stainless-steeI, the most common material used in processing plants, is a particular concern for wet- and continuous process industries. Another challenge, particularly for biotech and pharmaceutical companies, is bacterial adhesion to the stainless-steel surface during drug production.

PRO Stainless Designs, the Irish precision stainless-steel solutions provider, and I-Form, the SFI Research Centre for Advanced Manufacturing at Dublin City University, are embarking on an ambitious 3-year project to deliver better outcomes for food and pharma manufacturers, through the development and application of super-clean, corrosion resistant stainless-steel surfaces. This project is supported by Science Foundation Ireland (SFI).

By combining PRO Stainless Designs’ industrial know-how in stainless-steel treatments and finishes and DCU’s advanced materials expertise, the team hope to make a number of key breakthroughs with the objectives of advancing the qualities of stainless-steel and delivering superior surface finishes. The objective is to enhance anti-corrosion, anti-microbial, and anti-fouling features as well as facilitating easy-to-clean and servicing of stainless steel surfaces.

“We believe more advanced stainless finishes are possible, and that this Research and Development program will deliver huge value for industries where sterile environments and adherence to strict standards and regulations are important.” Laurence McDermott, Technical & Innovation Director, at PRO Stainless Designs.

“This exciting project blends the manufacturing capabilities of PRO Stainless Designs in advanced stainless-steel applications with DCU’s research focus in materials and surface engineering and targets a significant step forward compared to the state of the art,” said Professor Dermot Brabazon of DCU School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering and Deputy Director at I-Form.

 * Source: NACE International IMPACT Study,


About PRO Stainless Designs

Founded in 2001, PRO Stainless Designs today employs a team of over 100 and has set ambitious revenue targets over the next 5 years. The company delivers advanced, precision engineered solutions and products to manufacturers in Ireland and globally. The market focus is on delivering the world’s most cutting-edge stainless-steel solutions to the biopharma and food processing industries.

 About DCU and I-Form, the SFI Research Centre for Advanced Manufacturing

The mission of I-Form, the SFI Research Centre for Advanced Manufacturing at DCU, is to shape the future of manufacturing through high-impact research into the application of digital technologies to materials processing. I-Form brings together a nationwide pool of expertise in materials science, engineering, data analytics and cognitive computing. Prof Dermot Brabazon of the School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering at DCU is Deputy Director of I-Form.


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