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Larisa Johnston, Architect, Stanton Williams Architects

Engineered for demanding requirements

At PRO Stainless, we have brought together the expertise, the team, the craftsmanship and the facilities to deliver the most challenging of stainless steel projects. Since 2001, we have been developing innovative high-end solutions for cleanrooms & hygienic environments, architectural metalwork purposes and production & manufacturing sites across Ireland, the UK and internationally.

Genuine Stainless Steel Specialists

We have the engineering and capability to deliver exceptional high-end stainless steel solutions, complying with all the latest standards and regulations.

Our engineering team covers a wide range of disciplines; manufacturing, production, structural, polymer and mechanical. We have the capability to fabricate and incorporate other materials into projects; glass, brass, mild steel or whatever your requirements, we can deliver.

Excel at Complex, Custom Projects

You have a considerable, challenging project. We are detail oriented problem solvers. PRO Stainless has a track record of excelling at complex custom jobs. Our high level design, precise engineering and production capabilities enable us to take on challenging projects and succeed.

We have the facilities and capabilities to scale upwards, from one-off production, to short-medium volume production runs.

A complete, fully managed service

Capturing client requirements, planning, design, manufacturing, delivery and installation. PRO Stainless provides a complete, fully managed, collaborative service.

We take the time to fully understand your project and needs. By working closely and collaborating with client teams, we design smart, creative solutions together.

What to Expect
Meticulous attention to detail

We are fastidious when it comes to attention to detail; from planning to design, from finish to installation, we ensure successful results.

Flexibility to adapt when required

We understand that projects evolve and we have the in-house fluidity and expertise to adapt to change, whilst still delivering on-time.

Natural problem solvers

We are natural problem solvers, looking for and creating smart solutions, using ingenuity to beat obstacles as they arise. No matter what the challenge, we persevere and persist to get the job done.

Deliver to the deadline

We are aware that our work is often a link in a longer chain and that kinks can have a knock-on effect. We make sure we deliver.

Strong collaboration

By communicating effectively and our willingness to collaborate, PRO Stainless seamlessly integrates with client teams and third party suppliers on any given project.

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