Fabricated Components and Parts.

We fabricate components and parts for manufacturing/production facilities, machines and assembly line builders. Precision and reliability are prerequisites, to ensure efficient, effective running of production to avoid downtime and financial losses. PRO Stainless have the expert engineering, capability and facilities to design and fabricate components and parts to your exact requirements.

  • Manipulator arm

    Manipulator arm

    Our client required an upgrade of their Manipulator Arm for their 24/7 food packing facility. The original stainless steel manufacturing equipment was failing due to welds breaking down under cold room conditions. New bearings were sourced and the system re-engineered to cope with a greater load capacity.

  • Precision Components

    Precision Components

    Stainless steel Precision Component parts were engineered for a multinational client with design modifications to suit each individual production facility. These key production process parts are manufactured to ISO standards from the receipt of the initial customer enquiry, to the installation, commissioning and ongoing support of equipment supplied.

  • Communications Port

    Communications Port

    A pharmaceutical client required a medium production run of same-size components for their manufacturing facility. To avoid potential contamination and future corrosion risks, traceability of the 316 grade stainless steel used was key for this client’s solution. PRO Stainless were able to provide this level of tracking and sourcing of specialist stainless steel fittings.

  • Integral Parts

    Integral Parts

    Our ISO accreditation means that our customers can be confident that we are fully capable of designing, project managing, fabricating, machining, installing and commissioning stainless steel parts and components to their most stringent demands and specifications.

  • SS Louvre/Grilles

    SS Louvre/Grilles

    We received a request for a large run of bespoke stainless steel grilles made to tight tolerances. Our Pharmaceutical client needed a grille that was fully welded with the welds ground out and polished. This required a manufacturing process of welding individual fins, then polishing them, before assembling the next louvered fin.

  • Brass Grilles

    Brass Grilles

    PRO Stainless provide large and medium runs of brass component parts to clients across a wide range of industries. Parts can be made available in various finishes from Brushed, Mirrored, Lacquered and Patinated.

  • Steam Duct

    Steam Duct

    A client required our design team to manufacture a bespoke stainless steel Steam Duct. The duct was made in advance of their planned shutdown. Due to the size of the structure, it was made in 3 connecting parts for easy access and speed of installation. A precise on-site survey was conducted, ensuring the least amount of downtime for their busy production facility.

  • Conveyor Guard

    Conveyor Guard

    A client’s production facility was experiencing conveyor shut down problems due to plastic trays being damaged in the conveyor. PRO Stainless designed and fabricated a guard to ensure solid placement on the conveyors, but still allowing access at a crucial stage of the conveyor run.

  • Hopper Component

    Hopper Component

    Our client required a run of same capacity stainless steel hoppers with vision panels. The hoppers form part of the overall measurement system of raw materials at the client’s production facility. It was important that units had smooth internal finishes with internal welds ground out to ensure the next production run could not be contaminated.

Why Work With Us?
Low to medium volume runs

When a bespoke product run is required with low to medium sized volume, we have the know-how, the capability and the experience to meet your requirements cost effectively, while ensuring high Q.A. levels.

Consistent precision is guaranteed

All our fabricators go through an apprentice scheme to become fully trained and qualified and our coded welders are tested and verified by an independent body. Our production facilities and calibrated equipment allow us to advise on and guarantee consistent precision.

Engineered to perform, built to last

Precision and reliability are crucial, so nothing leaves the PRO Stainless facility until it has been rigorously tested, checked and signed off. Our products and solutions are designed and built for longevity, giving you peace of mind and return on your investment.

What are your requirements?

PRO Stainless have the flexibility to adapt to your specific needs.

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Whatever the requirement, we can deliver.

end to end

We design, fabricate and install.

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