Capital Investment Initiatives Co-Founded By ERDF and ESIF

Capital initiatives in this company are co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund and Enterprise  Ireland under the Border, Midland and Western Regional Operational Programme 2014-2020. To carry out building/infrastructural work and/or to purchase assets. Increased productivity and competitiveness was achieved as a result of this investment.

By Enterprise Ireland 2015

The client is required (for ERDF co-funded projects only) to:

  • Sign the Client Declaration on the Application Form confirming that they have read the ERDF Information Sheet (pdf).
  • Display an A3 sized ERDF poster (which will be supplied by Enterprise Ireland) in their premises for the project duration (i.e. until the last payment from EI has been received by the client).
  • Retain records relating to the co-funded project until December 31st 2027 and make them available for EU and other audits until that date.
  • Agree to their company name, project name and summary, start/end dates and total eligible expenditure being included in the list of beneficiaries published bi-annually on the Regional Assembly’s website.
  • Display the Irish Structural funds (ESIF) logo and ERDF emblem and include an acknowledgement that funding was received by the European Regional Development Fund when referring to the ERDF project in publicity/communications, project related materials and at project related events.
  • For construction/infrastructure projects (where the grant is greater than €500,000), display a temporary billboard (during the project) AND a permanent plaque upon completion (within 3 months of the last payment payment being received by the client from EI).
  • For grants (greater than €500,000) used for the purchase of physical objects (e.g. machinery and other equipment), display a permanent plaque on completion of the project.

Employment Initiatives Co-Founded ERDF

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