Cleanrooms & hygienic environments

Cleanrooms, hospitals, laboratories and food processing areas demand increasingly high hygienic standards to avoid contamination and reduce commercial risk. PRO Stainless produce high-end solutions with ultra-smooth polished finishes, eliminating particles collection, ensuring super-clean surfaces. 3D modelling, electro polishing and bead blasting services are available on all projects.

  • Utility Panel

    Utility Panel

    For supply or air and liquid services; c/w various types of instrumentation and valves; FAT and product contact certification provided; manufactured to ASME BPE and GMP standards.

  • Transfer Panel

    Transfer Panel

    Machined nozzles to SF4 finish, welded and polished into panel; jumpers for transfer of product with sensor positioning; drip tray for spill collection; FAT and product contact certification provided; manufactured to ASME BPE and GMP standards.

  • Stairs & Platforms

    Stairs & Platforms

    All our platforms and stairs are CE marked in accordance with EN1090 Standards. They are structurally designed and constructed in accordance with building regulations and applicable EN codes.

  • Interlock Transfer Hatch

    Interlock Transfer Hatch

    Transfer Hatches allow the transfer of materials between cleanrooms or clinical procedure rooms whilst minimising the risk of cross-contamination. Pictured: Mechanically operated Interlock Transfer Hatch using 304 or 316 grade stainless steel, with a polished finish and toughened glass panel.

  • Lead Lined Hatch

    Lead Lined Hatch

    This unit is an Electronic Code 5 Lead Lined Radiation Shielded Interlock Transfer Hatch, used to segregate a clinical procedure room from the reprocessing area with electromagnetic locking, 12 volt DC power supply unit and LED indicator to both sides. For additional security this unit is fitted with a “hold open” Audio Visual alarm.

  • Garment Transfer Hatch

    Garment Transfer Hatch

    These cleanroom pass through units were designed for a pharma client who required concealed locking and self-closing doors. We used 316 grade stainless steel with double glazed doors and EPDM e-type strip door seals. Incorporated into the build was a Call Button and LED traffic light display, with an electronic override alarm.

  • Custom Crafted Sinks

    Custom Crafted Sinks

    Bespoke, industrial stainless steel Sink Bowls made to custom sizes, We give the worktops easy clean radiuses, splash back to suit and anti-drip rebates to contain spills. The unit pictured has sloped ribbed drainers to the sides. Units can be made to bespoke sizes in 304 or 316 grade stainless and are designed to meet HTM Standards.

  • Washer Sink Unit

    Washer Sink Unit

    This unit is a heavy duty, bespoke cleanroom sink, fabricated in 3mm 316 grade stainless steel with a certified Ra finish. The unit was brought to site and built into the room with heavy duty support located in the technical space behind it. All welds are ground and polished to match the parent material.

  • Garment Dispenser

    Garment Dispenser

    Garment Dispenser units available in bespoke sizes. The unit pictured is fitted with a recess to seamlessly take cleanroom floor coving and has compartments with 10mm clear polycarbonate doors, c/w heavy duty hinges and high strength cleanroom grade enclosed magnetic catches. Stainless steel grade 304 or 316 can be used per request.

  • Shoe Rack

    Shoe Rack

    Free standing shoe rack on polished RHS frame with stainless steel adjustable feet. This cleanroom furniture unit is made from 304 grade S/S. All the welds are ground and polished to a radius to ensure that in service they can be fully cleaned and sterilized. Units are made to varying sizes depending on quantity of shoes required.

  • Preparation Table

    Preparation Table

    This stainless steel prep table is made to measure with 2 doors on a sliding track. It is finished in 240 grit 304 and the unit is part of a fitted pair with a side and back splash to ensure that in service they can be fully cleaned and sterilized.

  • Sink & Bin Unit

    Sink & Bin Unit

    Stainless steel cleanroom Sink & Bin unit with splash back, fitted with an automatic Infra-red tap and a fully flush removable access panel. The waste bin is fully seal welded into the worktop. Skirting surrounds the front and sides and is recessed at the base to receive coving. The unit is designed to be easily cleaned and aid cleanroom decontamination.

  • Endoscopy Sink

    Endoscopy Sink

    Height Adjustable Endoscope Wash Sink designed to HTM 63 with height adjustment of +/-150mm. The worktop has easy clean radiuses and anti-drip rebate to contain spills, as well as sloped ribbed drainers to the sides. The synchronised height adjustable legs are programmed with 4 pre-set positions and up/down adjust buttons.

  • Step Over Bench

    Step Over Bench

    This cleanroom Step Over Bench is formed from one continuous outer panel. This cleanroom furniture unit is fitted with a recess to seamlessly take cleanroom floor coving and when fitted on-site, the edges fold in to take a bead of sealant at the wall interface.

  • Samples Trolley

    Samples Trolley

    Flush mounted HMI housing with toughened glass door, stainless patch fittings & low level air return scoop. Fully polished stainless steel trolley complete with bag catcher and available in a fully or semi flush finish. Protection bollards with hidden fixings & corner protectors adhered to all corners. Floor mounted protection rail system with all fixings fully hidden.

  • Step Over Bench

    Step Over Bench

    Range of stainless steel gowning room step over benches with Hidden fixing detail.

    No baseplate or visible fixings ensuring easy wipe clean when cleaning floors, no snagging of mops.

    Manufactured to specification, subject to room design/personnel requirements.

  • Transfer Unit

    Transfer Unit

    Customised numbered shoe and safety glass transfer unit.

    Floor mounted unit with integrated ribbed features creating individual compartments for quick personnel access to and from cleanroom areas. Installed by PRO Stainless.

  • Bead Blasting Services

    Bead Blasting Services

    Using fine non-metallic abrasives, bead blasting produces a perfectly clean uniform finish on even the most awkward of shapes. Bead blasting results in a non-directional textured surface with a soft satin reflection and low reflectivity. This process works well over satin or mirror polished finishes.

  • Wall Transfer Plate

    Wall Transfer Plate

    Machined nozzles to SF4 finish, welded and polished into wall plate for transfer of product and services; manufactured to ASME BPE and GMP standards.

  • Floor Transfer Plate

    Floor Transfer Plate

    Machined nozzles to SF4 finish, welded and polished into wall plate for transfer of product; manufactured to ASME BPE and GMP standards.

Why Work With Us?

We follow best practice principles and guidelines, adhering to industry standard GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). Your cleanroom or hygienic environment will be easier to keep clean and maintain on an ongoing basis.

Ultra-smooth finishes for cleaner surfaces

Allowing fewer particles to accumulate on clean surfaces. If you need a 0.5 Ra surface finish or smoother, We can achieve your requirements

Less maintenance, easier cleaning

PRO Stainless cleanroom products are designed and crafted to reduce contamination traps. Making them easy to clean and maintain.

Tighter seals and flush fits

We can work to stainless steel tolerances as low as 0.2mm, ensuring a perfect fit and seal, further reducing any risk of potential contamination.

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